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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website


A large-scale chemical warfare attack simulation drill was held at Barzilai Medical Center
On 11.20.2013 a large-scale chemical warfare attack simulation was held at Barzilai Medical Center exercising hospital teams in treating casualties of chemical weapons.

New service at Barzilai Medical Center
a new treatment was recently added to the hospital list of services regarding diagnosis and removal of malignant skin lesions.
Special Women's Day celebration at Barzilai Medica
For the first time ever, Barzilai Medical Center celebrated Women's Day outside the medical center.
rewarded by IDF Chief of Staff
Dr. Yuri Manuskin, a surgeon at Barzilai Medical Center, was granted an "outstanding reward from Chief of Staff" to officers in the reserves.
In a moving ceremony Mr. Rahamim David thanked Bar
David Rahamim was wounded by Grad missile fired at his residence during an attempt to seek shelter.

The Barzilai School of Nursing – A bridge of co-ex
A unique study track designated for the Bedouin sector population will begin on February 2013 at the Barzilai School of Nursing

Barzilai Medical Center hosted AJC delegation
During the month of January, the Barzilai Medical Center hosted AJC delegation (the umbrella organization of Jewish organizations in the United States) led by Mr. Stanley Bergman.

Barzilai Delegation to Poland
A group of 50 employees from all sectors at Barzilai Medical Center went on a thrilling journey to Poland on 05/05/2013.
(IEC) for Barzilai Medical Center
On Sunday, 06/30/2013 an inauguration ceremony of Vela Ventilators took place at Barzilai Medical Center. The ventilators were contributed by the Employee of the Southern District of IEC.

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