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Committees at the Barzilai Medical Center

Committee for Worker’s Safety



Telephone: 08-6745700

Functions   of the Committee

The Committee for the Worker’s Safety and Health, as its name implies, deals with identifying hindrances that could endanger the workers, analysis of events that occurred and draws conclusions in order to prevent further occurrences, monitors injuries to workers from wounding by sharp objects, supervises implementation of safety procedures in various work places, trains and integrates the topic of safety, and among other things distributes worker safety posters. Members of the committee come from various fields, and include doctors, nurses, administration and housekeeping representatives, as well as paramedical staff members. The committee’s work includes matters of fire safety, routine safety, road safety, hazardous materials, as well as radiation and laser safety.



Pregnancy Termination Committee

The Committee Secretariat operates

Leave a clear message with identifying particulars and a telephone number, and the secretary will make contact between 14:00-16:00 on Sundays to Thursdays.

Telephone to leave a message 08-6746173

Functions of the Committee

The Pregnancy Termination Committee convenes three times a week and discusses the applications of women to terminate their pregnancies. The Committee authorizes legal terminations of pregnancy as determined by law and in accordance with medical documents. Every woman applying to the Committee receives a booklet prepared by the Ministry of Health’s Technologies and Infrastructures Administration.

***Medical confidentiality is guaranteed***

The Committee for Implementation of the Patient’s Rights


Committee Chairman

Prof. Yaniv Sherer – Deputy Director of the Center

Telephone:08-6745765, Fax: 08-6732342

Functions of the Committee

The Committee for Implementation of the Patient’s Rights Law was established in accordance with the “Patient’s Rights Law” and its purpose is to integrate the subject of patients’ rights amongst the Center’s employees and to deal with queries in this regard. The Committee placed posters of the Patient’s Rights Charter and a compendium in every department, which includes the Ministry of Health procedures regarding the rights of the patient. Furthermore, the Committee is acting to raise the awareness amongst the patients concerning the appointment of a representative with power of attorney in case it is necessary, by means of notices in the various departments. These publications brought about a gradual increase in the requests of patients to appoint authorized representatives. During the course of 2004, the Ministry of Health undertook a check of the Patient’s Rights Law and the hospital achieved higher than the national average grades compared to other hospitals.


The Committee for Prevention of Violence in the Family


Committee Coordinator

The Social Work Department


Functions of the Committee

Prevention of violence in the family remains always on the agenda of the Medical Center administration and the hospital is at the head of the Medical Centers in Israel in awareness and reporting to the Ministry of Health. The Committee for Prevention of Violence in the Family deals with the following issues: Identifying women who are victims of violence in the emergency room and other hospitalization departments, identifying minors who are victims of violence and minors at risk in the emergency room and pediatric hospitalization departments, and the departments treating women who were victims of sexual assaults. The care for minors who are victims of violence and who are at grave risk is conducted while maintaining close contact with the Welfare Officer. The committee organizes symposiums at the hospital to raise the awareness amongst the employees, hangs posters on the notice boards and distributes pamphlets in order to provide information for the patients, together with telephone numbers to receive counseling.


The Committee to Prevent Infections


Manager of the Array

Prof. Shlomo Ma’ayan

Committee Coordinator

Yael Vilozni – Epidemiology Supervision Nurse

Telephone: 08-6745754

Functions of the Committee

The purpose of the Committee to Prevent Infections is to take the steps necessary to prevent the spread and transfer of bacteria within the hospital departments, while imparting and expanding information to the medical staff, determining procedures for dealing with bacteria resistant to antibiotics, formulating an approach and procedures for treating patients with infectious diseases, quarantine conditions, monitoring infections acquired at the hospital and post surgery infections.


Public Inquiries Committee


Telephone: 08-6745766, Fax: 08-6745838

Functions of the Committee

The Medical Center administration regards the public of its customers as partners in its activity, for improvement and development of the hospital, and consequently it is the strategy of the hospital to welcome any comment from the public regarding improvement of the service, impressions gained during the stay at the hospital, faults and irregular occurrences. As a consequence of this strategy the Center’s administration has appointed senior officials to head this Committee: Deputy Director of the Center, Nursing Director and the Center’s spokesperson. The Committee undertakes to answer every question and comment.


The Committee for Gender Equality

Committee Coordinator

Riki Grover, Director of the Nutrition and Dietary Unit at the hospital and the Gender Equality Officer.

Functions of the Committee

The Barzilai Medical Center recognizes and respects the status of women and their contribution in Israel and in the world. The Committee for the Advancement of Women’s Status organizes symposiums and various study days for the female employees of the Center both within the hospital and outside it. The Committee also deals, of course, with the matter of sexual harassment in terms of prevention, training and distributing posters and pamphlets on the topic.

State of Emergency




Dr. Ron Lubell, Assistant Director of the Center.


Prof. Yaniv Sherer, Deputy Director of the Center

Limor Shaiman, Director of Nursing



Committee Secretary

Sarit Yittach

Telephone: 08-6745600, Fax:08-6732342

Functions of the Committee

Preparation of the hospital and the staff to take in and treat casualties from multi-casualty events, in times of routine and during times of combat (conventional multi-casualty events).

Preparation of the hospital and the staff to take in and treat casualties from multi-casualty toxicological events in times of routine and during times of combat (mass terror attacks and chemical warfare agents).

Preparation of the hospital and the staff to take in and treat casualties from multi-casualty biological events in times of routine and during times of combat (biological warfare agents).

Preparation of the hospital and the staff to take in and treat casualties of Avian Influenza and other infectious diseases.

Preparation of work procedures for various scenarios.

Periodic inspections to ensure the working order and integrity of the equipment.

Quarterly inspection of the system for alerting those on-call.

Periodic training of the staff by refresher courses and updating knowledge.

Conducting annual and biennial drills, under the training and supervision of the State of Emergency Branch of the Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command.

Monitoring drills at various hospitals.

Observing drills at various hospitals.

The Unit for Treatment Safety and Risks Management


Committee Chairman

Prof. Yaniv Sherer – Deputy Director of the Center

Committee Secretary

Pnina Ner

Telephone:08-6745765, Fax: 08-6732342

Functions of the Committee

The Unit for Monitoring, Quality and Management of Risks was established in order to promote quality at the hospital in all areas – Administration and Housekeeping, Paramedical, Nursing and Medical, to manage risks prior to their occurrence and to draw conclusions from events. Among the members of the Unit are three senior doctors, a senior nurse and the Industry and Management Director. The activity of the Unit is varied and diverse. The members of the Unit regard the Center’s employees as a treasure trove of ideas for quality improvement and consequently began a campaign to encourage improvement proposals and award encouragement prizes for the outstanding proposals. Furthermore, the Unit distributes a patient safety pamphlet to the medical staff dealing with improvement of processes, prevention of errors with medications, various warnings concerning use of various medications and instruments. This pamphlet is distributed to the Ministry of Health and to all the hospitals in Israel. The members of the Unit have developed a new application of computer software by means of which it is possible to produce various reports, cross-reference data and draw conclusions from different events. This application is unique to the Center and was presented in the framework of a prestigious international conference of the American Institute for Promotion of Health in 2005.


Helsinki Committee


Committee Chairman

Prof. Gil Lugassi

Committee Coordinator

Malka Michel

Telephone: 08-6746369

Committee Secretary

Keren Amar


Functions of the Committee

The Barzilai Medical Center is affiliated with the Health Sciences Faculty of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. As a university hospital the doctors of the Center conduct numerous studies in various clinical fields, observations, surveys and laboratory research. A Helsinki Committee operates at the hospital with the purpose of examining proposed research while the welfare of the patient and maintaining his rights is the primary concern. The Committee convenes at an average of once every six weeks and discusses studies presented, requests for extending studies, notifications concerning irregular events in research in Israel and in the world and approves conduct of studies in accordance with the Worldwide Helsinki Convention. Some of the members of the Committee have undergone training in the framework of the international Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course and the remaining members of the Committee are destined to participate in the upcoming courses. An internal auditing body at the hospital conducts constant monitoring of the implementation of studies that were approved by the Helsinki Committee in accordance with international criteria.

For research and development 

The Research and Development Authority


Chairman of the Authority

Prof. Yoram Yagil

Director of the Authority

Magister: Arie Budovsky PhD 

Email: Telephone:08-6746146, Fax: 08-6687805

Functions of the Authority

The Authority deals with encouraging research and scientific activity, initiates and coordinates research activities in the areas of the medical institution and also coordinates training the new generation of doctors and researchers who engage in developing diverse research programs at both the clinical and basic level.

Furthermore as part of the overall vision collaborations were established with joint research projects involving the staff of the Barzilai Medical Center together with academic institutions in the surroundings of the hospital. In addition, we invest considerable resources in developing knowledge and updating knowledge amongst members of the staff in Israel and abroad. We have laid the groundwork for commercializing the innovative knowledge invented within the confines of the Center, assist in submitting research grant proposals, and support and recommend suitable candidates for prizes for excellence in research achievements.

The Research and Development Authority is headed by Prof. Yoram Yagil, while in practice the Authority is managed by Magister Ornit Cohen.


Forms Committee


Chairman: Dr. Miller Eliaz, Deputy Director of the Center

Functions of the Committee

Creating uniformity in the various types of forms used at the hospital, introducing new forms, replacing old forms and monitoring the use of forms.


Medications Committee


Committee Coordinator

Shachar Aflalo – Pharmacy Service


Functions of the Committee

The Committee discusses introduction of new medications to the hospital, replacing old medications, determining policy and procedures for use of special medications, as well as monitoring the use of the various medications and solutions. The Committee edits and distributes the hospitals medications file, as well as instruction booklets with recommendations for treatment of infectious diseases with antibiotics.

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