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an international standard of quality and safety

an international standard of quality and safety

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is an American organization that has set strict rules that appear in 1200 statements according to which it examines hospitals around the world. Hospitals that manage to pass the sever inspection performed by the organization’s representatives, are being awarded with the highest quality seal.


The accreditation seal proves that the hospital keeps highest standards, where safety, quality, pollution prevention, teaching, research & publications, employee infrastructure and safety, control, supply & acquisition processes, as well as logistic systems, including the removal of contaminated waste and laboratory testing are all kept in the criteria level set by the JCI.


The hospital examination last 7 days in which four senior reviewers from around the world examine processes in the various departments and conduct thematic meetings to examine the hospital's preparations.


This difficult and intensive week summarizes a preparatory process of about three years. The preparations for the accreditation included far-reaching changes in the hospital including facelift, infrastructure renewal, safety improvement and, above all, checking all the hospital procedures and adapting them to the required standards.


These were meticulous and long-term preparations, to which all the hospital's employees were very devoted, were ended last Wednesday when the Barzilai Medical Center was awarded the JCI International seal.

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