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new in barzilai- Bariatric Center


 The Bariatric Center at the Barzilai Medical Center

The Bariatric Center has been recognized by the Ministry of Health – the Center was upgraded by the members of the professional staff and established as a Center for Bariatric Surgeries – surgeries dealing with obesity.

Surgeries at the Center as a result of pathological obesity have undergone professional, technological changes over the course of recent years and are among the surgeries most in demand for dealing with ill health deriving from pathological obesity, as defined by professional literature.

The Surgery Department of the Barzilai Medical Center

The Surgery Department has been performing surgery for obesity since the beginning of the nineties. With the development of medical technology in general and innovative methods for performing surgery for obesity, the Barzilai Medical Center has accumulated extensive experience in these surgeries.

The Obesity Surgery Array

Already from the first meeting the patient receives all the explanations regarding the existing and preferred methods for him concerning surgical intervention in his condition.

The patient is accompanied from the commencement of the process until its conclusion, by the staff of the array, who provide him with a response to any problem.

For further details, you mat contact:

Surgery Department - 08-6745656, fax: 08-6745719. Email:

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