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Innovations in surgery

Innovations in surgery –Caption for the picture – Dr. Yuri Manoskin

Various repairs of hernias in the abdomen wall are the most common reasons for surgery. A number of methods exist for repairing hernias in the abdomen wall and the common default method is repair of the hernia by means of the open method of introducing a mesh between the layers of the abdomen wall thereby repairing the fault and strengthening the wall. The disadvantage of this method is a large surgical scar and exposure to infections, however this is also the best method to prevent recurring hernias. In order to reduce the risk of infections and scars there is also the method of minimally invasive in which a mesh is placed on the intestines and is affixed to the abdomen wall by staples. The disadvantage of this method is the post surgery pain, creation of adhesions in the intestines and risk of accumulation of fluid above the mesh and infection. Furthermore the percentage of recurring hernias is still relatively high.


The innovative method integrates between the two methods, taking the advantages from each one of them.

The mesh is inserted utilizing the minimally invasive method between the two layers of the abdomen and thereby overcomes all the disadvantages of both methods.

Patients do not suffer unnecessary pain, the scars are small and almost indiscernible, there are no adhesions or accumulation of fluids, while the recuperation time is shorter and the return to routine is rapid.

Surgery by means of this innovative method requires a high degree of technical skill on the part of the surgeon.

Medical Centers in Israel and overseas infrequently perform these surgeries by means of the innovative method, and of the public Medical Centers in Israel, currently only our Center, the Barzilai Medical Center, can perform the surgery by this method, thanks to the expertise acquired by Dr. Manoskin Yuri, Deputy Head of the Surgery Department and Head of the Hernia Clinic.

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