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A rare spinal surgery which was performed at the Barzilai Medical Center

A rare spinal surgery which was performed at the Barzilai Medical Center

Rare spinal surgery performed at Barzilai Medical Center saved a 7-year-old girl from paralysis


A 7 years old girl fell down the stair and suffered from a spinal injury and was on the verge of paralysis. Due to the rare and professional surgery performed by the Barzilai Hospital medical team saved the girl who will be able to walk.


A rare spinal surgery which was performed at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon was a huge success.  

A seven-year-old girl was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center after she fell from a stairway shaft, which was only 1.5 meters deep (almost 5 feet), but caused a lot of damage. It turned out that the girl, who played in the stairway of the building where she lives, tripped and fell down the stairs hurting her back losing the ability to freely move.

Once she reached the Barzilai Emergency Room, the doctors discovered that she was suffering from a spinal injury, which indicated that the child was on the verge of paralysis.  In order to receive a clear evaluation of her injury, the girl was rushed by the doctors to the perform several imaging tests, including CT and MRI scans, which have indicated to doctors that the child was suffering from a hemorrhage near the spine.

The Medical Center doctors discussed her condition debating whether a surgery could improve the situation or on the other hand, due to the complexity of the surgery could deteriorate the situation.

After a prolonged consultation session, the doctors have decided to operate. The complex surgery was led by Dr. Rustam Djabbarov, Head of Spinal Services at the Barzilai Hospital and Dr. Lee Evgeny, orthoprdic surgeon,who choose to operate using endoscopy method to reconstruct the girl's spine.

During the surgery, doctors had the spine and return it.

Dr. Rustam explains that this is a very rare operation at this age "At this age, the vertebras are very small and you have to use small screws which are appropriate for the child's small body."

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