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Barzilai Delegation to Poland

Barzilai Delegation to Poland

The journey included a visit to the remains of the Jewish communities in cities: Warsaw, Cracow and Lublin and exciting visit to synagogues that have been partly kept until today.

It was almost impossible not to get excited and teary while hearing prayers and sacred songs at these synagogues

The delegation conducted tours and visits to the Warsaw cemetery and the concentration camps in Treblinka, Majdanek, Plaszow, Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. In Tykocinski Estate the members of the delegation walked the path in which the town Jews were conveyed and shot into pits in the Lofohovh woods.

At each site a moving ceremony was held including lit of candles and laying a wreath in memory of those murdered.

The group was guided by a skilled guide
Yad Vashem. It was the first time such tour was held for hospital workers, with substantial funding by the hospital, as part of its management concept of education and empowerment of employees at the medical center.

During the tour stories and testimonies by members of the delegation who are second/third generation of the Jewish survivors in the Holocaust as well as stories told by Mr. David Ariel, a resident of Ashkelon, who  himself was a survivor  from the concentration camps in Poland and lost his entire family there.

The members of the delegation have returned from this special journey very excited and highly emotional and are all determined to tell, educate and continue with such journey in the future.

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