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Health ministry conference on patient experience

Health ministry conference on patient experience

It was a multiplayer Conference, which discussed the processes required to increase quality of patient care in hospitals and HMOs, and turning medical encounter into a positive experience as much as possible under current circumstances.

Barzilai Medical Center was selected from among several delegations to introduce its efforts on the issue on the stand during the conference.

Barzilai Medical Center invests efforts in order to improve the quality of medical care, both to inpatients and outpatients that are treated at its clinics and institutes.

In this context, technological improvements are made to increase the availability and accessibility and variety of processes and workshops are conducted both intended to learning and improve the dialogue between therapist and patient.

In adition, Barzilai Medical Center has reinforced the public complaints system reinsuring to investigate the complaints and responding the callers in a short time, sharing all levels of management, including the director of the center.

On the exhibition booth we presented all processes we conducted during ​​last year and demonstrated previously Prize-winning work, which dealt with the improvement of technology circuit order / delivery of food and meals to patients, depending on their medical condition and in accordance with doctors and nutritionist orders. This move has resulted in a significant improvement and savings of the process and has attracted much attention.

During the conference we also introduced many other quality processes as well as the vision and objectives of the center.

The booth and its presented contents attracted attention and praise, and we have proved that Barzilai Medical Center is putting large amount of effort in increasing quality of care and is always standing by for its staff and patients.

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