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In a moving ceremony Mr. Rahamim David thanked the Barzilai Medical Center Staff for devoted treatment

David Rahamim was wounded by Grad missile fired at his residence during an attempt to seek shelter.

In a moving ceremony Mr. Rahamim David thanked Bar

Close to the conclusion of operation Pillar of Defense, Mr. David Rahamim was severely injured while seeking shelter from a Grad missile fired at a house in the center of home town.
He was quickly rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center where resuscitation and primary stabilization were performed. Thereafter, he was taken to the operating room and his right leg was partially amputated.
Today, months later, Mr. David Rahamim is back with his family, he walks with innovative prosthetic, feels healthy and is smiling as always. During the ceremony, David, moved to tears, thanked the social service, the Physiotherapy Institute and the entire Barzilai Medical Center staff who supported and helped him through his rehabilitation process.
"We are proud of the care and rehabilitation the Medical Center gave him" said Barzilai Medical Center CEO, Dr. Chezy Levy. He thanked all the therapists headed by Dr. Warshavsky, and he warmly congratulated Mr. David, his family and all those who treated and supported him.

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