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The Barzilai School of Nursing – A bridge of co-existence

A unique study track designated for the Bedouin sector population will begin on February 2013 at the Barzilai School of Nursing

The Barzilai School of Nursing – A bridge of co-existence

The program will continue for three years, of which six months are designed for preparatory studies to complete basic knowledge, which have ended in recent days.

Fourty male and female students will participate in this study program initiated by the Prime Minister's Office, in order to develop human resources to care of the needs of the Bedouin society.
The Barzilai School of Nursing was the first and so far the only nursing school running a program for the Bedouin sector and until now held three educational programs in which 59 registered nurses have graduated.

The graduates have completed their academic degrees and have integrated into Israeli health care systems in hospitals and the community.

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