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State Comptroller visited Barzilai Medical Center

On 11/27/2012 Israel State Comptroller Josef Haim Shapira visited Barzilai Medical Center as part of a tour in the south.
State Comptroller visited Barzilai Medical Center

Dr. Chezy Levy, Medical Director of Barzilai Medical Center described the routine hospital activities and the preparations and activities
during the week of operation "Pillar of Defense".

Dr. Chezy Levy also reviewed the significant reduction in hospital activities during the operation due to lack of shielding in the hospital and the need to transfer  many departments to more protected areas within the hospital, the difficulty in transferring patients and matching these
places of activity. Another point that
was emphasized was the lack of protected operating rooms that could provide services to casualties during emergency times. 

Another issue that was brought up during the visit was the hospital in Ashdod and the government approval for private medical services at this hospital.

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