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A ceremony to the generous benefactor Mrs. Rachel Miller

Dr. Chezy Levy, Mrs. Miller and board members during ceremony

A ceremony to the generous benefactor Mrs. Rachel Miller
Barzilai Medical Center Medical Director and board members held a dedication ceremony and express their gratitude to Mrs. Rachel Miller.

Mrs. Rachel Miller is a resident of Ashkelon, aged 92 years, a survivor of the Auschwitz camp, which has worked and is still working hard for the benefit of Barzilai Medical Center, as well as for the welfare of IDF soldiers and the resort village for soldiers in Ashkelon.

Mrs. Rachel Miller has recently donated money to Barzilai Medical Center in order to purchase computers and peripheral equipment required for online medical records project designed to turn the entire patient's medical record into computerized record and by that improve the quality of medicine.

We deeply thank Mrs. Miller and wish her health,
long life and many years of additional contribution to the community.



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