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Leaders of "Hadassah" at Barzilai Medical Center

Dr. Chezy Levy, Mrs. Marcie Natan and members of the delegation at patient bedside

Leaders of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America accepted an invitation from the Minister of Home Front Defense and came to Barzilai Medical Center to strengthen the staff and closely view the hospital deployment in crisis.

On 11/26/12  15 leadership from "Hadassah" toured at Barzilai Medical Center.  They came to Israel in order to strengthen and encourage the southern residents.

The visit was led by Mrs. Marcie Natan, the President of Hadassah and the delegation was hosted by the management of Barzilai Medical Center. The hospital routine activity was presented as well as activities the medical center is required to perform in terms of shielding and protecting patients and staff during operation "pillar of defense", highlighting gaps in shielding
and their impact on hospital operations.

Then the "Hadassah" delegation toured at the hospital, including a view on the constructions of
 the new shielded building being built and visited an injured man whose leg was amputated below the knee due to missile attack and they encouraged
him and his family.

At the end of our tour, "Hadassah" leaders expressed their implicit support, encouragement and appreciation for the efforts and activities performed under peril by the dedicated staff during operation "Pillar of Defense".

Barzilai Medical Center Medical Director Dr. Chezy Levy (Graduate of Hadassah Hospital School of Medicine and Hebrew University), thanked the delegation warmly and pointed out how important is their support in such difficult times.


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