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"Beautiful Hospital in Beautiful Israel"

5 Beauty Stars Excellency Award

On 07/23/12 A competition of "beautiful hospital in beautiful Israel" was held.  A Jury committee on behalf of the Council for Beautiful Israel toured Barzilai Medical Center. The visit included a tour and presentation of hospital activities. 
Recently, we were informed that Barzilai Medical Center gained five beauty stars and in addition a special Excellency Award for excellence in community service.

The project for which the hospital won a prize for community involvement was the establishment of a mobile clinic at Ashkelon beach and performing screening tests for discovery dangerous skin lesions among bathers and others in the beach. 

Barzilai Medical Center Management is proud of the achievement and wishes to express its gratitude to both the committee that prepared the hospital and the employees that are involved in such a voluntary activity in the name of the hospital.

The achievement is remarkably emphasized in view of the difficult days the hospital staff was facing admirably during the difficult days of fighting in the south. 

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