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Operation Pillar of Defense

Operation Pillar of Defense

Following the IDF Operation "Pillar of Defense" in Gaza and the southern area, and in view of possible escalation with rockets launched to our region, the Barzilai Medical Center undertook the following steps :

1. Decreased the number of patients in the hospital

2. Transferred patients who need to remain in the hospital to protected areas

3. Stopped most of the ambulatory activities except hemato-oncology, oncology and dialysis

4. Arranged daycare centers for employees' children

5. Made preparations to absorb and treat casualties.

Decisions will continue to be reassessed daily by the emergency headquarters of the hospital in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command.


Update for: 22/11/2012  time :16:00

Number of casualties since the beginning of the operation: 215

Severely injured: 1

Stress reaction casualties: 86

Still hospitalized: 4

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