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Barzilai Medical Center celebrates jubilee in a festive evening

In an amazing evening under the open sky of Ashkelon Amphitheatre the management and workers of Barzilai Medical Center celebrated the center's jubilee.

Barzilai Medical Center celebrates jubilee in a festive evening

Our medical center celebrates its fifties anniversary. The jubilee was indicated throughout this year with many events and the highlight was this event in which we all came to honor the center. Past and present workers and their spouses, retired workers, friends and colleagues all came to salute the center. This was an evening celebrating the jubilee of an enormous and complicated human enterprise, the uncountable wonderful moments of this place, a life work that was built by human and professional effort, a celebration of hope.
The Head Nurse Mrs. Tamar David, told the audience the story of the medical center since she began working as a nurse. Dr. Shimon Scharf, CEO and Medical Director, that is about to end his role in the month of November spoke about the center from his point of view, the difficulties he had to deal with, the ups and downs, the pressures under which the center had to navigate and ended his speech with hope to conclude the construction of the new shielded building for the benefit of patients and staff. 
The artistic part of the evening included the story of the medical center from past times, a play of the center folklore that was dramatized and directed by Mrs. Rinat Ben Ami and a short movie describing the development of Barzilai Medical Center as well as pictures of the center's employees that were born in Barzilai. The highlight of the evening was the play called "Medical Humor" in which all players were workers of Barzilai Medical Center.  
Hoping and wishing everyone to know only laughter and health.


Dr. Shimon Scharf, CEO and Medical Director delivering a speech



Dr. Hezi Levi, Head of the Health Ministry's Medical Administration

Mrs. Tamar David, Head Nurse




The patient and the doctor


In the spirit of current times



Part of the play



The audience at the celebration

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