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Accelerated Neuroregulation (ANR)


Continuous opiate intake causes dependency. Opiate dependency is a

central nervous system disorder. Withdrawal Syndrome and Cravings are the main symptoms.

Dr. Waismann's ANR Method reverses both.


We reverse dependency on Heroin, Methadone, Subutex, and prescription opiate medications using an effective, safe and humane treatment.
We are committed to modern medicine and its standards. We are committed to our patient's health and well-being.  

Our after-care program allows the patient to regain control of his/her life with no need for long-term rehabilitation programs.


Rapid Detox and ANR 

Since 1994, Dr. Waismann has maintained leadership in the field of reversing opiate dependency. 
He established and currently directs the world’s first treatment center where opiate dependent patients are treated with advanced medicine. Withdrawal and cravings are treated as a medical illness by qualified medical personnel including anesthesiologists and ICU nurses.   

Treatment is provided at a modern, general hospital in an effective, safe and humane manner.
Initially, the technique was called Ultra Rapid Opiate detoxification.
Dr. Waismann traveled the world to lecture, teach and introduce his revolutionary method which utilized Naltrexone (an opiate antagonist) and anesthesia. Not long after, variations of the method appeared at medical facilities on 5 continents. 

Dr. Waismann has treated thousands of patients in his clinic and as a result of all the experience gathered, in 1997, he refined his technique, thereby replacing the old Rapid Detox.
Dr. Waismann named his new procedure Accelerated Neuroregulation (ANR).
With the new advanced ANR treatment, the Waismann Clinic Team provides each patient with a specific treatment, according to his/her drug and medical history. 

ANR achieves efficient cleansing of the receptors which reduces the withdrawal syndrome period to hours instead of days while the patient is unconscious, it completes the receptors blockage according to the level of dependency of each patient and brings cravings to irrelevant levels. 

Patients are successfully treated for dependency on prescription opiate medications such as Methadone, Subotex, Vicodin, Percocet, Codeine, Oxycontin and others. 


ANR (Accelerated Neuroregulation)treats opiate dependency at the receptors level. Cleansing and blocking opioid receptors precipitates the withdrawal syndrome, which we control using medications, including anesthetic agents that allow withdrawal to occur while the patient is unconscious.  

The treatment is performed by Dr. Waismann and his experienced and dedicated staff specially trained for ANR. Our team of senior anesthesiologists and ICU nurses are specifically trained for ANR and have successfully treated thousands of patients from around the world. 

Accelerated Neuroregulation step by step: 

Every patient will be accompanied from the airport straight to Dr. Waismann clinic where he will be assessed and medicated by the doctor in order to allow him/her a comfortable and calm pre-hospitalization stage. 

The patient is hospitalized in our ANR unit at the Barzili hospital. The patient undergoes laboratory screening and clinical examination. Then, the patient is medicated to allow a comfortable induction into the sedation stage. 

Gradual sedation stage: the patient is induced and brought into a deep sleep stage for a period of 3 to 4 hours. During this period, opioid receptors will be blocked and the withdrawal syndrome will occur.  Patients will be kept asleep while monitored and assisted throughout the procedure. 

Evening / Night:
Once the patient awakes from the sedation, we allow him/her to sleep normally through the night. 

Morning after / Recovery period:
Early in the morning, we begin the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment; a daily regimen of Naltrexone will be followed thereafter. The patient will be encouraged to eat and drink and slowly return to general physical activities. Typically, he/she will be discharged back to the hotel at noontime.  

Upon discharge, patients are no longer dependent, the withdrawal syndrome is over, and the Naltrexone regimen has begun. 

Naltrexone medication will keep the opioid receptors blocked, cravings will become irrelevant, and the patient will return to a healthy and productive life.
The length of the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment will be established solely by Dr. Waismann according to the specific needs of each patient.  

Every patient receives the treatment under the personal supervision of Dr. A. Waismann. 

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