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School of Nursing

About the School of Nursing at the Barzilai Medical Center

The School of Nursing in Ashkelon was founded by the Ministry of Health in 1967 and is a part of the Barzilai Medical Cener.

Unlike most schools of nursing back then, the activity of the school was characterised by an educational and administrative independence that allowed to set the curriculum according to the changing needs of the profession and of the students.
The school was a model for developing and maintaining novel programs for qualifying clinical nurses in Israel.

Until a few years ago, the school held academic relations with the Bar-Ilan University branch in Ashkelon. At first, the curriculum was integrated with the branch in a manner that gave the students academic credits. From 1990, a full 4-year program for registered nurses was integrated, which consisted of a multidisciplinary track in social sciences.

Lately, the Ministry of Health changed its policy towards the academic degree of the nursing profession and all the Schools of Nursing in Israel were not allowed to offer an academic program in nursing. Academic degrees in nursing will be offered by accreditated universities only.
Today, the School of Nursing at the Barzilai Medical Center offers its applicants a 3-year programs for a degree of registered nurse.

Graduates of the School of Nursing at the Barzilai Medical Center are skillfull proffessionals and are able to fullfil the missions of nursing, and have good management skills. Our graduates integrate in the healthcare system in a variety of positions inside the Barzilai Medical Center, in other hospitals and in the community.

The School of Nursing at the Barzilai Medical Center is one of the best schools of nursing in Israel and attracts many applicants. During the years 2006 and 2007, two more courses have been opened due to the increase in demands. 

The field of nursing is undergoing rapid development and growth. The demand for skilled proffesionals gives the graduates many career options that ensure the advancement in variable patient care fields, and in management and guidance fields within the health care system. The proffesion allows flexible and comfortable hours, at a high salary level, with promotion options and employment both in Israel and abroad.

The school has about 350 students in a variety of training programs: 

  • Registered nurse degree program (RN)
  • Complementary program to a registered nurse degree for practical nurses
  • Retraining program for immigrant practical nurses to registered nursing degree
  • Career retraining program for physicians and graduates of other academic professions to nursing
  • RN module with clinical guidance
  • Preparatory course for the national examination for practical nurses
  • Courses and seminars for the nursing staff of the hospital and the community

For further information, please contact :

Mrs. Rachel Saporta, E-mail :

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