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Ya'al-Supporting the sick

Ya'al- Supporting the sick

Chairperson- Sara Ben-Yosef

Office Hours:
Sun. through Thu., 09:00-13:00

08-6745405, 08-6745405



Ya'al, which is an acronym in Hebrew for “Supporting the Sick”, is a national organization of volunteers  which operates in public hospitals around Israel and its main goal is supporting and improving the welfare of the patients.

The Ya'al organization in Barzilai Medical Center was founded in 1962 in a small office by two volunteers: Tzipi Hollander and Neomi Harris. Throughout the years many volunteers joined the organization and the activity of the foundation expanded to many areas. In 1989, the Ya'al Cafeteria was built thanks to a generous donation made by Mrs. Rachel Miller. All of the cafeteria's income is
dedicated to improve the welfare of the patients in the hospital.

Today, the number of Ya'al volunteers rose up to 170 volunteers, all working in different places of the
hospital: medical departments, operating theatre, outpatient clinics, the child development institute, occupational therapy institute, pharmarcy, technical department, medical library and other areas.

In the medical departments, volunteers accompany the lonely patient and help feeding him. In the operating theatre they serve as contacts between the families of the patients and surgical staff. During Jewish holy days, Ya'al volunteers give fancy food gifts to the patients on Purim, hand out gifts for Rosh Hashana, and hot donuts for Hanukkah. In addition, Ya'al volunteers operate three cafeterias in the medical center, of which two serve dairy products and one meat and poultry. One cafeteria operate on the inner yard of the hospital and the other two operate in the new hospital building. The income of the cafeterias is dedicated to improve patient welfare and acquire medical equipment.
Ya'al volunteers perform their service with all their hearts and for monetary return, and are highly acknowledged among the patients, patients' families and the hosital employees

Social Activity
The Ya'al foundation holds a number of social events for its volunteers which include a yearly trip, handing out a gift on Jewish holy days, lectures and an annual recognition ceremony.

A Call for Volunteers
The Ya'al foundation calls you to volunteer and contribute to the benefit of the patients of the Barzilai Medical Center.
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