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Head of Department 
Dr. Purple Alon- Pediatrics


Deputy Director and Head of Pediatric Pulmonolgy Unit
Dr. Alina Avenstein
Pediatrics and Pediatric Pulmonolgy


Head of Pediatric Day Care

Dr. Shraga Aviner - Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology


E-mail :


Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Michael Kalinin


Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Prevention

Dr. Ina Moldover - Head of Pediatric Emergency Department


Activity Description

The Pediatric Department of the Barzilai Medical Center deals with various diseases and medical as well as surgical conditions from infancy to adulthood. A playground with slides and other playground equipment which was kindly donated by the Tnuva Company is located right next to the department. In addition, the hospitalized children have  a classroom run by vonluteer teachers during the day so that they can do their lessons during their stay. Computers with internet access, television, VCR, board games, and more are some of the options to make the children's stay as pleasant as possible. 

Inseparable from the department's everyday life are the medical clowns who entertain the children during their stay and hasten their recovery. Their could be felt especially among the children who have been admitted after being involved in a Qassam rocket attack.


The Pediatrics department holds various shows and host sport figures quite often. Maccabi and other teams players come quite often, and the police band conduct the Hanukah and Purim parties each year.


The staff of the Pediatrics department does everything in its power to give the children the feeling of a home and not of a hospital. Parents who stay by their children have comfortable chairs for sleep and rest. 


The pediatrics department also has its own Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Ventilated children and children with other serious conditions who need close and continuous monitoring are admitted to the PICU.


The Pediatrics department is one of the first and oldest one-story structures which have been built in the Barzilai Medical Center. The building is very old fashioned. Five to six children share the same room. The vision of the Pediatrics Department is to move to a new three story building with private rooms and enough space for the parents. The plan of the building is ready and we all hope that we shall be able to raise the funds to make this vision come true soon for the welfare of the children, parents and staff .

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