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Hemato-Oncology Complex

Hemato-Oncology Complex

Head of Hemato-Oncology Institute and unit
Dr. Nemetz Anatoli - Hematology

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Blood Bank


Head of Blood Bank

Dr. Barshai Yosef


Coagulation Unit


Head of Coagulation Unit
Dr. Nemetz Anatoli


Activity Description

The Hemato-Oncology complex is composed of the renewed hemato-oncology institute for ambulatory care and 4 hospital beds for in-hospital care. Chemotherapy and biological therapy are given by a highly qualified team while strictly adhering to all safety guidelines of cytotoxic treatment. Two beds of the in-patient care unit are fully equipped isolation rooms dedicated for treatment of the severely ill hemato-oncology patients.


Many international and local researches are being conducted by the medical staff. The late Professor Lugacy, who served many years as the head of the institute, published a book in Hematology.

The hemato-oncology institute is also equipped with new machines for plasmapheresis.


Beside medial treatment, the social workers are fully involved in the treatment plan of all the patients. The social workers are very qualified and offer great support to the patients and their families. They are available for the patients at any time.


The Hemato-oncology institute offers also other activities for the patients like hydrotherapy, reflexology and other non-medical therapies.


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