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Delivery room


 Delivery room 

Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

Prof. Eyal Antebi - Gynecology and Obstetrics


E-mail :


Dr. Ala Eivshin - Head of Delivery Room




Activity Description

The new delivery rooms in the Barzilai Medical Center were built int he year 2000 thanks to the generous contribution of the Jewish Women of Britain. The rooms are placed between lawns and sycamore trees and include eight private rooms with an outer foyer that allows the husband and family members to enter the delivery room and be present at the birth of the newborn. The delivery room has an adjacent operating room where caesarian sections and small surgical interventions take place. In addition, there is an intensive obstetric care room and a recovery room with two beds each. A woman that arrives at the delivery room is admitted in a private examination room and after initial physical examination and assessments, the physician determines whether it is better to send the patient to the delivery rooms, hospitalize her so that further check-up can be done, or other decisions. The facility of the labor and delivery rooms is adjacent to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit and thus, if required, the newborns can be rapidly transferred to there. 


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