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Golden Star for the Barzilai University Medical Center

The Barzilai Medical Center was awarded a Five Golden Star Certificate during the ceremony that was conducted last week for the "The best sheltered and protected area in the public space in ISRAEL BEAUTIFUL.

Now it is formal: Our hospital is outstanding in its beauty. Lot of respect and satisfaction of an endless and improving work.

 This is the fifth consecutive year that the Barzilai Medical Center wins Five Stars during this contest of the council for Beautiful Israel.

The council for Beautiful Israel conducts every year several national contests which are intended to raise the recognition and awareness for maintaining environmental care and maintaining esthetical principles in Israel that will empower its beauty.

The judging committee came to the hospital and toured in many departments and units. The judges were amazed seeing the outstanding momentum of construction including the sheltered surgical building, the underground hospital, the protected emergency department and operating theatre. Accordingly, the judging committee decided to award the medical center the 5-star certificate.

Prof Levy, the head of the hospital, said in the ceremony that he was moved being granted this prize and there are more programs to develop and provide better medicine to our population.

Ayelet Kedar

Spokesman of the Barzilai Medical Center  

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