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Professor Ben Yosef joined the oncology unit in Barzilai


The management of the Barzilai Medical Center is happy and honored to have Professor Rahamim (Rami) Ben Yosef as a part of the oncology team.
Professor Ben Yosef is one of the leading oncologists and leading radiation therapy specialists in Israel. His specialty is in the fields of breast, head and neck and uro-genital system. Before joining the Barzilai Medical center, Prof Ben Yosef was the head of the radiotherapy institute at Rambam Medical center in Haifa. He published more than 120 articles on oncotherapy and radiation, most being as the chief investigator and about third of his articles were basic researches. Above on that, he was part of many teams who led many clinical studies.
The management of the Barzilai University Medical Center is thankful for his willingness to join the professional array of the hospital for the prosperity and health of Ashkelon citizens.
We wish him great success.

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