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New service at the Imaging Institute

Advanced service for invasive treatment in blood vessels occlusion guided by X-ray.

New service at the Imaging Institute

Barzilai Medical Center initiated an advanced service in the field of invasive treatment for blood-vessels occlusion guided by X-ray.
Blood vessels occlusions are an important element in causing complex morbidity, causing damage to organs due to impairment of the blood supply and occlusion of small blood vessels that can lead to limb amputation among diabetics.

One of the most advanced treatments is catheterization of blood vessels using special instruments and demonstrating them by imaging and X-ray means, performing activities to remove the obstruction and often leaving a stent to prevent repeated occlusion (similar to the activity that is performed during cardiac catheterization).

In this way a complicated surgery can be avoided as well as damage to organs or limb amputation.  
The staff that performs the treatment was reinforced by a well-known expert in this field – Dr. Klimov – who joined our own specialist Dr. Lebedev in providing the new treatment.

Two weeks ago a female patient, suffering from tumor causing pressure on dorsal spine and paralytic syndrome resulting from such pressure, was referred to the hospital. Instead of performing complicated and risky surgery of the tumor, the blood vessel nourishing the tumor was blocked using the vascular procedure. By using such innovative and fast technology instead of complicated and risky surgery we hope to be able to reduce the pressure caused by the tumor.  


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