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Barzilai Medical Center opened a sheltered day center for employees' children

Barzilai Medical Center management opened sheltered daycare centers for employees' children ages 4-15 in which they can perform activities, study and get breakfast and lunch

Barzilai Medical Center opened a sheltered day center for employees' children

During the current round against the Palestinians Home Front Command forbade studying in the Gaza vicinity communities and in communities within 40 km.
Due to this provision children of Barzilai Medical Center workers remained at home.

This made ​​it difficult for employees to get to work and these workers are considered to be highly essential as they are part of the medical teams attending the injured and the sick.
In order to facilitate the situation Barzilai Medical Center management decided to open daycare where employees' children ages 4-15 perform activities, study, and of course get
breakfast and lunch.

Barzilai Medical Center opened two daycare centers, one at the Golden Tower Hotel basement for the children of Ashkelon the second in Ashdod.

The children enjoy artists' performances, donated toys, donation of dairy desserts and chocolate from Tnuva through Variety, and performances of clowns. The Municipality of Ashkelon contributed performances of artists and youth volunteers who took part in the children activities.

The management of Barzilai Medical Center wishes to thank all those who help and contribute and expresses its gratitude to the employees that despite the situation come to the hospital and treat in devotion the injured and sick.

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