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Barzilai Medical Center thanks Deputy Minister MK Lea Nass

Barzilai Medical Center thanks Deputy Minister and appreciates her actions on behalf of the elderly patients.
MK Lea Nass with dr. ron lobel

The Ministry of Pensioner Affairs and the Deputy Minister MK Lea Nass assisted Barzilai Medical Center with preparations of sheltered infrastructure for hospitalization of the elderly during emergencies.
Barzilai medical Center wishes to express its gratitude to the Deputy Minister for this contribution and appreciates the actions on behalf of the elderly patients.

Emergency times change the ways the hospital operates and a different distribution of patients is performed according to the sheltered spaces within the hospital and according to patients' population and the hospital ability to treat them.
Such distribution is performed in stages according to the development of the emergency.

During this week we have decided to move the
majority of
elderly patients to protected nursing homes in other cities,
mainly in the center of the country aiming to treat them properly and in a safe environment. Five patients were transferred to a sheltered internal medicine department in order to maintain their safety. In addition,   we united the nursing staff of the Geriatrics Department and the Internal Medicine Department in order to optimize treatment of the limited number of patients remaining in the medical center.

In case the current situation will evolve and the number of casualties will increase the elderly patients will be evacuated to designated sheltered space (donated by the Ministry of Pensioner Affairs as part of preparing the beds for other casualties, including injured IDF). And this is the place to thank the Deputy Minister on her activities.

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