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Visit of the Medical Corps International Medical Officers Course

As in previous years, the Barzilai Medical Center hosted the Medical Corps international medical officers' course.
Visit of the Medical Corps International Medical Officers Course

On 03/20/2012, under the collaboration of the Barzilai Medical Center, the International Medicine Course of the Medical Corps held in the military medical school - Training Base 10 conducted a visit in the medical center.

The course comprised 25 senior medical officers of all armies from all over the world: Israel, U.S., China, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Poland.

The officers came to the hospital, the third consecutive year, to hear and learn about the deployment of the hospital at Emergencies. The officers met Dr. Chezy Levy, medical director of the medical center and heard an overview of the hospital. Dr. Ron Lobel, the deputy director of the center, introduced a presentation on hospital preparedness and deployment at emergencies.

The trainees expressed great interest in the hospital activity and were impressed with the professional and rapid preparations during "Operation Cast Lead" and the recent escalation in the region.

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