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The heart of Barzilai MC beats in South Africa

Dr. Vladimir Helmaizer Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit at Barzilai Medical Center implanted pacemakers in South Africa.
Dr. Helmaizer during procedure

Dr. Helmaizer was invited to Netcare Umhlanga Hospital in Durban South Africa in order to teach local physicians to implant Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) Pacemakers.

CRT re-coordinates the beating of the two ventricles by pacing both ventricles simultaneously and as such improves cardiac output. Such therapy is designated to patients who suffer from heart failure and improves the symptoms, the exercise capacity, and the feeling of well-being of many patients with moderate to severe heart failure.

Dr. Helmaizer, a cardiologist who specialized in cardiac electrophysiology and pacemakers in Canada, stayed for 3 days during June 2011 in the South African hospital during which he instructed and performed pacemaker implantations in 9 patients. The medical staff and patients at the hospital expressed their gratitude to Dr. Helmaizer for both services and acquired medical knowledge.

The Electrophysiology unit at Barzilai Medical Center is a national and international center for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) Pacemakers. Recently the unit held advanced courses for physicians from Russia and Hungary.
This trip has opened another gate of the service and teaching relationship between Barzilai Medical Center and South Africa, in the hope that such cooperation will expand to other hospitals in South Africa.

Dr. Helmaizer

Dr. Helmaizer



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