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Chocolate Week at the children's ward

This is the second year of chocolate workshop at the children's educational section.
Part of the annual educational program of the "Shaked" school at the pediatric educational area of the Barzilai Medical Center is to work with the hospitalized children on different issues such as: chocolate, origami, garden and medicinal herbs, mosaic and baking bread and cookies on Fridays.
This week was the chocolate week.
Chocolate workshops started last year and this year they are operated twice a week. The children learn about the origins of chocolate, its characteristics, kinds of chocolate and the techniques of working with chocolate. The children experience making real pralines, chocolate sculpture, and other options. The children are usually very excited and even forget where they are. We pack the chocolates and hand them over to the hospitalized children. This experience of sharing other children empowers the giving child and excites the receiving child (a sick child giving another sick child). An 11 year old boy told me sometime "When I grow up I shall make a factory just like this".
If this is the experience of hospitalization that the child remains with – then it is really enough.
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