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Clinic for hard cure wounds

New clinic for patients with hard cure wounds at the Barzilai Medical Center.
Clinic for hard healing wounds


The Barzilai Medical Center is expanding its activity to the field of treatment of patients with hard cure wounds.

Hard cure wound is defined as a wound that shows no trend of recovery during eight weeks at least, despite right local, systemic and causal therapy. Examples of hard cure wounds are: bedsores, surgical wound, diabetic sore, and venous and arterial insufficiency.
From now on, these patients can receive comprehensive and multi-professional care at the outpatient clinic of the Barzilai Medical Center. Dr. Warshawsky, the head of the clinic and an expert in orthopedic rehabilitation, along with the assisting nurse Marcel Gabbay, who specialized in this topic, will perform primary assessment, determine a treatment plan and continue with a close follow-up of the wound. The staff will integrate, as appropriate, other professionals such as vascular surgeon, diabetes nurse, dietician and other specialists.
The patient and his family will be instructed regarding the treatment plan and follow-up program, considering the wound condition and the involved experts.
In addition, the team will contact persons in the community for training and establishing a unified plan for treatment.
The clinic for hard cure wounds is open every Sunday between 01:00 to 03:00 p.m. in the outpatient clinic building.
Dr. Michael Warschawsky, and Mrs. Marcel Gabbay are available for any question and clarification by telephone and through e-mail:

Dr. Michael Warschawsky Tel: 057-7678693 varsha@barzi.health.gov.il

Ms. Marcel Gabbay Tel : 057-7678929 marselg@barzi.health.gov.il

To make an appointment call the clinic office: 08-6745207 during work hours

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