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Word from the Director

The new happily coming year, 2011, is the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Barzilai Medical Center.
The Barzilai hospital was founded in 1961 following an agreement between the Health Minister of Israel, Mr. Barzilai, and the CEO of Soroka hospital, Mr. Moshe Soroka. The hospital was named "Barzilai Medical Center" after the name of the incumbent Minister of Health, and began its way with two wards: the Department of Obstetrics and the Department of Pediatrics.
The Medical Center was created with the thought that it will serve as a community health center that includes under its umbrella the District Health Office, the hospital and the School of Nursing.
The Barzilai Medical Center, which started with one booth, grew over the years to a large Medical Center with 500 beds, providing most of the services to the community, as well as a County Health Bureau supplying public health services to a population of up to - 500,000 citizens. 
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