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Hospital managers from Russia at the Barzilai Medical Center

Hospital managers of various hospitals in Russia visited the BMC and heard about the preparedness of the hospital to different emergency situations. For the full article press here
Hospital managers from Russia at the Barzilai Medical Center

The Jewish Agency arranged for directors of various hospitals in Russia a visit to Israel in order to teach them about the preparedness of the Israeli Health System to different emergency situations.

The Russian delegates visited the Barzilai Medical Center on Monday, the 8th of November 2010. Dr. Scharf, the director of the hospital, opened the meeting, greeted them and emphasized the importance of the preparedness to different emergency situations, especially here in Israel. Mr. Blaer Yossi, the chief nurse inspector, talked about the hospital, its structure, the danger of missile attacks and about the readiness of the hospital to cope with different emergencies. He paid special attention to the organization of the hospital to treat the incoming injured people while continuing medical and surgical services to the regular patients.

Mr. Blaer talked about conventional and unconventional events, where chemical and other weapons might be involved, and the drills that the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health undertakes periodically in order to keep the hospitals ready all the time. He showed the visitors pictures from different events especially from the Castle Lead operation.

The group asked many questions about the drills and the preparedness of the hospital. Dr. Emile Hay, the deputy director of the hospital, and Mr. Blaer answered the questions. Finally, Mr. Blaer led the guests for a tour around the hospital and showed them the various facilities. The group thanked the staff for his hospitality and for the interesting lecture and tour through the hospital. 

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