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Epidemiology Institute

General Information
Institution staff
Areas of activity
General Information
Institute name
Institute for Epidemiological Research
Main research fields of the institute
Planning and performing epidemiological research for the advancement and improvement of public health
Giving advice and methodological assistance for the staff of the medical center in planning and performing the research
Regional Health Office - Ashkelon
972-8-6745016, 972-8-6745088, 972-8-6745311
972-08-6645158, 972-8-6745113
Dr. Gedalevitz Michael             michael_g@barzi.health.gov.il
Dr. Huerta Michael                   mhuerta@barzi.health.gov.il
Dr. Levine Hagai                      hagail@barzi.health.gov.il
Mrs. Nir Pnina                         pninan@barzi.health.gov.il
Mrs. Shiachi Rosa                   rosa@barzi.health.gov.iI



Institution Staff
Institution Director
Dr. Michael Gedalevitz
Senior Staff
Dr. Michael Huerta- Senior Researcher
Pnina Nir- Research Assistant
Rosa Shiachi- Research Assistant


Areas of Activity
Epidemiology deals with the research of the prevalence, distribution, and risk factors for various diseases and health conditions in humans. The mission of epidemiological research is to prevent disease, disability and morbidity, alongside improvement of quality of life.


The Institute for Epidemiological Research in the Barzilai Medical Center brings together skilled professional staff, knowledge of epidemiology and biomedical statistics, computing skills, and vast experience in performing research in different field areas. Thanks to these resources and cooperation with researches and clinicians from the Ashkelon, area, Israel, and abroad, the institute serves as an important component in the research array of the medical center.

The researchers of the institution engage in planning and performing population based research, giving consultation for methodological planning of clinical-epidemiological research, in analyzing databases, and presenting the findings of researches in different formats. In addition, the employees of the institute are trained in gathering epidemiological data from the field, including holding interviews, filling questionnaires, performing biometric measurements, and gathering and managing databases.

The epidemiological research institute operates in cooperation with the Ashkelon Regional Health office and with the different departments, labs, and units of the Barzilai Medical Center. The institute, together with the health office, is authorized by the scientific council of the Israel Medical Association to teach the center's residents about public health content.  


Recent projects:


Epidemiological population-based research for the promotion of public health

Clinical-Epidemiological research for the promotion and improvement of quality of medical care

  • Multi-yearly trends in the resistance of UTI causing bacteria to standard antibiotic treatment
  • Reasons for acceptance or rejection of surgical treatment of men suffering from prostate enlargement
  • Predicting the success of endometrial hysteroscopic ablation
  • Ethnic background as a secondary risk factor for osteoarthritis in hospitalized elderly women.
  • Short and long term hemodynamic influences of phlebotomy in polycythemia vera patients
  • Factors predicting recurrent hospitalization among oncology patients treated at home
  • Genetic markers as predictors of success of surgical treatment of ovarian cancer
  • Intraoperative findings as predictors of survival in patients with cervical cancer


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