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A delegation of senior journalists specializing on terrorism coverage visited Barzilai Medical Center

  On Tuesday, 11/11/2008, a delegation of senior journalists and news editors visited Barzilai Medical Center in order to closely learn about the medical center during last year emergency events following the massive Qassam rockets shooting towards Sderot, Ashkelon and the areas surrounding the cities.
The distinguished delegation was hosted by Mrs. Leah Maloul, Spokesperson of the medical center, who first generally reviewed the medical center and then told the delegation members about the daily coping and the difficulties of dealing with frequent Qassam and Grad rockets attacks. Mrs. Maloul described the difficulties of Barzilai Medical Center's location and its functioning during emergency events and explained that the medical center's location makes it a target for rockets attacks. Mrs. Maloul also described the many stress casualties that were treated in the Emergency Department at Barzilai Medical Center following the shooting at Sderot, Ashkelon and the areas surrounding Gaza District. The delegation toured the medical center and at the end of the tour they thanked Mrs. Maloul, strengthened the medical staff and expressed their appreciation on the work being done at Barzilai Medical Center.


Mrs. Leah Maloul and the delegation members

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