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Israel Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger visited Barzilai Medical Center


On 01/01/2009, at noon, Israel Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger accompanied by Ashkelon Deputy mayor Mr. Shimon Cohen visited Barzilai Medical Center. They were hosted by Dr. Shimon Scharf CEO and Medical Director of Barzilai Medical Center. During the tour they praised the staff of the medical center for their courageous standing at such difficult times. In addition they discussed with Dr. Scharf about they ways to solve the issue of the ancient graves that were found in the site designated for the new shielded hospital building. They promised to determine a Halacha ruling that will enable the construction of the new shielded hospitalization building. It needs to be said that the new shielded building will include an emergency department, operating theatres and surgical departments and will enable the medical center to admit 250 patients. During the visit of the honorable guest a "red color" alarm was heard followed by rocket launch but luckily no one was hurt or injured.  




Visiting the medical center departments: Dr. Shimon Scharf CEO and Medical Director, at the emergency headquarter, hosting Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Ashkelon Deputy Mayor Mr. Shimon Cohen            


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