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The Medical clown in barzilai medical center



The "Dream Doctors" project was initiated at Barzilai Medical Center on 2003 and by now there are three clowns operating all week at the medical center.
On regular times, in addition to the regular medical team of the Pediatric Department, there are three special doctors working along with them, occupied with red nose, big shoes, funny hats and ear to ear smiles. These are the medical clowns, Jerome, Hagar and Amnon. There daily role is to integrate in the therapy processes of the children and regain their cooperation during treatments.
In view of emergency situation, "Dream Doctors" were enlisted to assist casualties suffering from acute stress reaction and hospitalized IDF soldiers that for a long time did not laugh from a clown and were more than excited to cooperate with the treatment they received from those special "doctors".
Hagar, Jerome and Amnon encouraged the children at the Emergency Department and
diverted their mind from the missile fire and the frightening situation. They toured the various departments and laughed together with the soldiers and their family members and the medical staff and no one remained indifferent to their tricks. It is absolutely clear that the medical clowns raise a wide smile and conceal pain and worry even if it is for several minutes, no meter if you are 7 or 70.



"Draem Doctors" in action



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