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Medical clown- Daily experiences of Mimi, the medical clown

Hagar Hofesh, the medical clown known to everyone as "Mimi" shares her daily experiences at the hallways and departments of Barzilai Medical Center

Hagar Hofesh, the medical clown known to everyone as "Mimi" shares her daily experiences at the hallways and departments of Barzilai Medical Center

."Medical student approached me in the hospital hallway one of the days telling me that there is a 9 years old girl in the ED with deep cut in her leg and it is advisable that I will go and see her. I started walking towards the ED and Dr. Guy called me and said that there is a 9 year old girl at the ED and he will be glad if I could go and see her. As I entered the Emergency Department one of the nurses approached me and said: 'Hay Mimi you arrived just on time. In curtain 12 there's a little girl…' and I continues her words:'…9 years old with a deep cut in her leg…'.
At the end of the room I met L. with tears in her eyes, accompanied with her mother and her leg is sunk in "orange Polydin bath". "Oh" I said to the nurse standing by "I would like to have such pedicure". I sat next to the little girl and her mother and began chatting about the pedicure I was going to receive. L. smiled shyly and her mother released a sigh of relief. We pretended as if we are sitting in an improvised beauty parlor while Dr. Guy sitting in the opposite side treating other patients. I asked L. how long she has been waiting in the ED and then I told Dr. Guy that I find the fact that we are staying at the beauty parlor for such a long time with no one to serve us the smallest biscuit or a cup of tea outrageous. Both L and her mother are laughing and the mother says to me "luckily you are here, otherwise…".
Then Dr. Guy asked me to follow them into the suturing room. Even the name sound terrifying. I assured L that we will ask all the questions and receive all answers. The suturing room is empty so I put L on the stretcher and cover her with the bed sheet. She is shivering from fear and emotion, her mother is taking pictures and we plan the things we will do to Dr. Guy if the procedure will hurt. I teach L a song and when the doctor enters the room I sing "Here comes Guy the mechanic man" and L and her mother clap their hands. The doctor is laughing while spraying her leg with anesthesia and injecting medication in a huge syringe. L is shrinking and tears slowly drop on her cheek. While chanting and chatting with L she laughs and cries at the same time and I tell her that never in my life I saw someone who cry-smile
simultaneously. L is laughing while focusing on her mother and me and ignoring Dr. Guy. Together we count and I "threaten" the doctor to finish the sutures as quick as possible otherwise I will use my "karate maneuvers". And finally it was over. L is laughing while I and her mother are sweating and my hands are shaking. The nurse puts a dressing on the leg and says to me "Mimi, from now on I will call you for every suturing". "Sure" I answer "as long as you call a medical clown for me as well…".
We leave the room and say goodbye with hugs and kisses.     

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