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Visit of members of Houston Jewish Federation at Barzilai Medical Center

Haim Yossefi with the guests

A delegation of 20 members of Houston Jewish Federation visited Barzilai Medical Center and was deeply impressed by the activity of the medical center during emergency times. 

The guests were welcomed with delicious lunch prepared by Barzilai Medical Center own kitchen.  

Dr. Scharf, CEO of the Barzilai Medical Center hosted the delegation and during his short review he explained the medical center structure, the scattering of one-floor buildings versus hospitalization departments in multi-stories buildings. In addition he discussed the efforts that are done in order to build the new hospitalization building and the difficulties the medical center is facing including ancient graveyard and the objections of religious authorities. Dr. Scharf demonstrated the emergency call system and the way a message is delivered to all employees to arrive as quickly as possible throughout cellular message system.  

Prof. Haim Yossefi, Director of the Non-Invasive Cardiology Unit, lectured the delegation about defensive processes during emergency, the preparations and drills the Barzilai Medical Center performs in order to maintain knowledge and alertness. Prof. Yossefi also presented pictures from previous emergency events including pictures from last year "Lead Cast Operation" and explained the measures taken by the medical center in order to save lives of casualties. In addition Prof. Yossefi presented pictures of the medical center shielding stages and how open spaces in lower stories and shelters became treatment spaces during emergencies.  

Dr. Scharf discussed the issues of Post-           Traumatic Stress Disorder of casualties and staff with which the staff of the psychiatric department had to deal. He emphasized that psychiatric teams were working day and night in order to treat the casualties that crowded the medical center and at the same time treated staff members who demonstrated signs of stress themselves.  

At the end of the visit the guests toured the places and sites that were used during the emergency time. The guests were deeply impressed with the fast way the medical center was able to organize and by the response of the teams to immediate deployment. At the end of the visit the guests thanked the medical center management for the hospitality and the extensive and interesting information they received.  



Prof. Haim Yossefi with the guests 

Members of the delegation near the Emergency Department 

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