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Friends of Barzilai in Israel



Chairman- Roni Mahatzri- Mayor of Ashkelon 


Board members: 

l        Ovad Nedivi- treasurer 

l        Shimon Cohen- board member 

l        Zion Cohen- Secretary 

l        Yosef Etzion- board member 


The Friends of the Barzilai Medical Center INC.is a non-profit organization which was founded during the 1980's. Its principal goals are: 

l        Aiding the medical center by raising funds from the public, institutions, factories and the diaspora for the improvement of the medical care at the Barzilai Medical Center. 

l        Raising the professional level of the medical staff by acquiring novel and advanced medical equipment 

l        Aiding in cultivating the medical center's image and further developing the ties with the community 


The members of the organization have conducted a number of fund raising events, the last of which was an event for the Ashkelon's prominent figures and the medical center's supporters in 2005 which was aimed to raise funds for the new 64-slices CT scanner. 


In prior fund raising events, donations were collected to purchase medical supplies for the operating theatre, the IVF institute and ohter departmetns. 


School students from Ashkelon also help in fund raising, through the education department of the municipality of Ashkelon. 

Today there are 35 members in the organization, headed by Mayor Roni Mahatzri, who works voluntarily for the goals of the incorporation. 


The Friends of Barzilai's Statement 

The support of the medical center is enabled thanks to the many friends and donors who open up their hearts and offer their donation. The medical center has many needs and they can be fulfilled only through this organization. 

We are proud to aid the medical center and ask you to help us in our effort. The more members we have, the closer we will get to achieve our mission. 

We welcome any size of donation. Donations are acknowledged for tax purposes unside Israel.

According to the donor's request and the size of the donation, we take care of a memorial sign in the medical center. 

Address: Friends of the Barzilai Medical Center INC., Ashkelon, Israel 

Telephone no.: 972-8-6745423 

Fax no. : 972-8-6732342 

E-mail: baba@barzi.health.gov.il

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