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Cotlear Daniel


Dr. Daniel Cotlear 


Medical School

Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University 









Senior Physician- Ophthalmology Department, Barzilai Medical Center 

In-charge of the Glaucoma Service- Barzilai Medical Center 


Clinical Experience 

1996-2002- Residency in Ophthalmology- Ophthalmology Department, Rabin Medical Center,

                       Beilinson Campus. 

2002- Senior Physician, Ophthalmology Department, Barzilai Medical Center 


Continuing Medical Education 

1996-2001- Continuing Education in Ophthalmology, Tel Aviv University 

2000- Medical research on the anterior chamber of the eye, Miguel University and the Alicante

           Ophthalmology Institute, Alicante, Spain 

2002- Didactic and Wet lab course on the implantation of the CIBA Vision PRL, Alicante, Spain 

2006-2007- Fellowship in Glaucoma Surgery, Western Eye Hospital, NHS, St. Mary's Hospital,



Membership in Professional Organizations in Israel and Abroad 

Israel Medical Association 

State Physicians Association  

Israeli Ophthalmologists Association  

British General Medical Council 

Israel Glaucoma Society 

British Glaucoma Society 

European Glaucoma Society 


Scientific Publications 

  1. Talmi YP,  Cotlear D, Waller A, Horowitz  Z, Adunski A, Roth Y, Kronenberg J. Distant metastases in terminal head and neck cancer patients. The Journal of Laryngology and Otology  1997;111:454–458. 
  2. Snir M , Axer- Siegel R , Cotlear D , Sherf I ,Y . Yassur. Combined resection and anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle for asymmetric double dissociated vertical deviation. Ophthalmology 1999;106(12):2372-2376. 
  3. Axer-Siegel R, Snir M, Cotlear D, Maayan A, Frilling R, Rosenbaltt I ,Weinberger D, Kremer I , Sirota L. Diode laser treatment of posterior retinopathy of prematurity. BrJOphthalmol 2000;84(12):1383-6. 
  4. Axer-Siegel R, Cotlear D, Priel E, Rosenblatt I, Snir M, Weinberger D. Indocyanine green angiography in high myopia. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging. 2004;35(2):139-45. 
  5. Alio JL, Mulet ME, Cotlear D, Molina Y, Kremer I, Martin JM. Evaluation of a new bioadhesive popolymer (ADAL) to seal corneal incisions. Cornea. 2004 Mar;23(2):180-9. 
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