Barzilai Medical Center
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Barzilai Medical Center’s Vision & Goals

Barzilai Medical Center – Vision



A public health center that provides quality health services to all, motivated by a sense of mission and vocation to the profession, alongside respect and compassion to the patients, and a desire for excellence, progress and innovation.

A center that fosters human resources, promotes health in the community, and promotes research and education in all medical professions


Our goals are:


Fostering human capital in all health professions.

Improving the service and quality of the medical care that we provide.

Financial and economic strength.

Promoting professional and administrative plan and control. 

Developing structural, engineering and technological infrastructures.

Promoting research and academic studies, leading in education and teaching of all health professions.

Increasing community involvement and making the hospital a leading establishment in regards to the community’s health needs and health education.




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