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Barzilai Institute for Periodic Medical Examinations


The Institute is located on the first floor at the outpatient clinics of the Medical Center and allows for thorough routine examination for employees at any organizations. 


Institute Staff 

Dr. Ina Sigalov - Institute Physician  

Shosh Sela- Head Nurse 

Aliza Cohen- Technician 

Limor Arbiv- Secretary


Telephone/Fax-  972-8-6745282 


Institute Activity Hours: 

Sunday through Thursday, 08:00-14:00. 



The Barzilai Periodic Examination Institute is located on the first floor at the Outpatient Clinics building.


The institute was founded in order to provide services to the residents of the area. The institute performs routine checkups on all employees of the Medical Center and provides services for other organization such as factories, Ministry of Defense, employees of other ministries of the state, and others. 

The activity of the institute focuses on performing thorough medical examination that aids in preventing and screening for diseases, and in giving state of the art diagnostic services. The Institute's guideline is to locate prevalent risk factors in the population, creating a thorough health profile, and identifying diseases in their early stages. 


The institute offers a series of medical tests within 3-4 hours, including:


  • Physician Examination including blood pressure measurement, height, weight, full physical  examination and a personal conversation with the physician to obtain the examinee's medical history as well as family medical history. 
  • Thorough blood tests: complete blood count, glucose, liver function tests, kidney function tests, lipid profile, and blood PSA test for men for prostate cancer screening. 
  • Urine Analysis 
  • Occult blood in stools for colon cancer screening. 
  • ECG and stress test  to assess the function level of the heart in controlled strain conditions, and as a screening for asymptomatic coronary heart disease. 
  • Lung functions testing- this test is especially important among smokers and those who have allergies and asthma. 
  • Eye examination- including intraocular pressure for the detection of glaucoma, ophthalmoscopic examination to assess the vessels in the retina, especially for those who have diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  • Hearing test- to detect any hearing losses especially among people exposed to noise in their workplace. 
  • Chest X-ray 
  • Body fat measurement 
  • Nutritional counseling- Given by a certified nutritionist and includes general instructions regarding healthy food and diet. 


For Women, the institute also offers: 

  • Gynecological examination- and a Pap smear for early detection of uterine cervix cancer. 
  • Breast examination 


FYI: Eligibility for routine examinations among state employees: 

  1. Permanent employee aged 40 and above who has not been examined at the institute yet. 
  2. Special contract employee working two or more years, aged 40 and above who has not been examined at the institute yet. 
  3. Permanent employee aged over 40 is eligible for examination once in every two years. 


·         » It is important to note that the examinations are for the employee's own welfare 

·         » Confidentiality is guaranteed, and the results of the tests and physical examination are delivered to

         the employee only. 

·         » All services can also be performed privately and at a special price. 


We will be happy to assist you at all times.

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