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Medical Director Statement


Dear Visitors

The Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon was founded in 1961 and provides services to a population of about 500,000 people during peacetime and in times of emergency in a region defined as periphery including the cities Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, Sderot and the settlements around Gaza.


The Barzilai Medical Center has 602 inpatient beds, Cribs 40 and 60 more outpatient beds and provides advanced medical and health care services, both during hospitalization and in large setting of clinics and institutes.


The Barzilai Medical Center is located in Ashkelon and due to that location and its proximity to the Gaza Strip, as indeed was witnessed in the past, we, the medical staff of all types, hold the responsibility for medical treatment and health care of the many citizens hospitalized or are evacuated to the medical center due to missile attack, as well as treatment of soldiers injured during conflict.


The Center's medical staff includes about 2000 professionals, among them about 300 physicians.


Currently the Barzilai Medical Center is in a momentum of development in order to deliver advanced and secure environment to its patients.
We, the medical, nursing and administrative staff who work at the Barzilai Medical Center, are committed to continue serving all people in need of our services with professionalism and loyalty and continue to develop more advanced services for the welfare of the residents.


The site you are now visiting contains public information and details about the Barzilai Medical Center and its services.
I hope you will use it and find it useful.


Wishing you health and peace

prof.  Yaniv Sherer

Barzilai Medical Center

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