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General and Vascular Surgery


Department of General and Vascular Surgery 


Head of the Department

Dr. Boris Yoffeh - General and Vascular Surgery


E-mail : yoffe@barzi.health.gov.il


Head of the Vascular Surgery Unit

Dr. Yafim Harach - General and Vascular Surgery


E-mail : yafimc@barzi.health.gov.il



Main Area of Operation 

The Department for General and Vascular Surgery deals with a wide range of diseases and injuries which require surgery and/or conservative care and follow-up. Emergency as well elective patients with various surgical, vascular and medical conditions are admitted to the department. Elective operations are conducted twice a week while emergency operations are conducted throughout day and night.


The medical staff is highly trained in the advanced state of the art techniques of surgery including laparoscopic surgery, vascular bypass and angioplasty with stent implantation .


Dr. Yoffeh Boris has been awarded the excellence certificate by the Civil Service Commission of Israel on 1995. He has been elected every year as one of the best vascular surgeons in Israel by the annual public survey.

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